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Anthony McGowan


Winner of the CILIP Carnegie Medal 2020

In this final installment of the tales about Nicky and Kenny, the brothers are waiting for a visit from their estranged mum.  As tension mounts, they decide to go for a walk on the moors with their dog, Tina.  They think it will be a “lark” but the weather changes and they get caught in a blizzard……

The clear, poetic prose in this affecting story about two brothers creates a perfectly pitched, moving tale which captures the humour and strength of their love for one another.  The characters are skilfully drawn making them realistic and believable.  There is an incredible sense of place when the boys are out on the moors, effectively conveying their fear and the dangers of their situation.  The growing sense of jeopardy and building tension is perfectly balanced with instances of humour and palpable brotherly love, making this a breath-taking read. The epilogue brings the story to a moving and powerful conclusion. 

The Book has been written to help readers that may be dyslexic or have visual processing challenges. 

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