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Knight Sir Louis and the Dragon of Doooooom!

Knight Sir Louis and the Dragon of Doooooom!

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Written by: The Brothers McLeod
Format: Paperback / softback

Knight Sir Louis, champion knight at Castle Sideways, has been sent on another important mission - he must face the dastardly, double-headed dragon, Borax! And his mission isn't made any easier with the tricksy jester Merry-Jingles trying to steal his thunder. Things are about to get hot, then hotter, then boiling ... Luckily, Louis has great friends who can help - a flying robot horse, Clunkalot, an adventurous boar called Catalogue, and Pearlin, the brilliant wizentor.

That's bound to help, right?The second adventure in the hilarious series about Knight Sir Louis, including lots of different storytelling, fabulous comic strip illustrations and lots and lots of jokes!______________'I love this book SO much! Mr Gum levels of weird and brilliant' - Jo Nadin

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