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InvestiGators: Off the Hook : A Laugh-Out-Loud Comic Book Adventure!

InvestiGators: Off the Hook : A Laugh-Out-Loud Comic Book Adventure!

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Written by: John Patrick Green
Format: Paperback / softback

Crack the case with the InvestiGators! Join Mango and Brash in InvestiGators Off the Hook for the another wacky adventure in the laugh-out-loud full colour comic book series by John Patrick Green, perfect for fans of Bunny vs Monkey. **Don't miss Mango and Brash in their World Book Day adventure - High Rise Hijinks!**'Fast, fabulous, and fantastically funny, the InvestiGators books are instant classics!' - Jamie Smart, creator of Bunny vs Monkey. Rob a bank? Check.

Find a secret lair? Check. Kidnap a giant chicken? Check. Crackerdile and Hookline and Slinker are back and badder than ever!Luckily, Mango and Brash are hot on their tail with their hi-tech Very Exciting Spy Technology (V.E.S.T.s).

Do the InvestiGators have what it takes to catch the crooks or will the vile villains slither away from justice?The InvestiGators series is a hit with readers of all ages and covers positive themes like:- Fun teamwork- Never giving up- Pesky problem-solvingCollect all the books in the hilarious series of graphic novels for kids! InvestiGators, InvestiGators: Take the Plunge, InvestiGators: Ants in our P.A.N.T.S and tons more ? and don't miss Agents of S.U.I.T., the spin off series featuring Mango and Brash's colourful coworkers!

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