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I'm Not Scary PB

I'm Not Scary PB

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Written by: Raahat Kaduji
Illustrated by:Raahat Kaduji
Format: Paperback / softback

Bat just wants to make friends, but everyone is scared of him! When other animals see Bat's shadow at their window, they're terrified and think he's a monster. How can Bat show them that he just wants to share some cake? This is the perfect snuggle-up bedtime story, with rich, glowing pictures, and a gentle, reassuring story. Children will fall in love with little Bat, who longs to share his baking with some friends A gorgeously illustrated picture book, full of sweet, endearing characters and a story that children will ask for again and again I'm Not Scary would make a great non-scary gift for Hallowe'en! I'm Not Scary is the fabulous debut picture book by hugely talented illustrator, Raahat Kaduji.

Raahat loves creating gorgeous, atmospheric scenes and sweet, endearing characters. Her work is inspired by nature, wildlife and the English countryside where she lives. She especially likes to create pictures that are gently comforting - but with a touch of adventure!

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