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I Wish You Would : the summer's swooniest romance

I Wish You Would : the summer's swooniest romance

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Written by: Eva Des Lauriers
Format: Paperback / softback

TURN EVERY RISK INTO A CHANCE. EVERY KISS INTO A PROMISE. Senior Sunrise is the highlight of the summer - an epic overnight at the beach to kick off senior year.

But for Natalia and Ethan it's the first time seeing each other after junior prom, when they almost crossed the line from best friends to something more and ruined everything. Now, after ghosting each other all summer, Natalia is desperate to pretend she doesn't care and Ethan is desperate to fix his mistake. But when it's time for the senior class tradition of writing private letters to themselves - what they wish they would do this year if they were braver - Natalia pours her heart out.

So does Ethan. So does their entire class. But before the letters are burned in the bonfire, Natalia has a change of heart and tries to retrieve her letter.

In doing so, she accidentally sets the letters free. And as the wind whisks seven of them across the beach, seven of their deepest secrets and wildest dreams are exposed. Can Natalia and Ethan find a future if their secrets are out there?Seven private confessions.

Seven time-bombs set loose for anyone to find. One last chance to fall in love. A GORGEOUS ROM-COM FROM SPARKLING NEW VOICE EVA DES LAURIERS, PERFECT FOR FANS OF JENNY HAN, EMERY LORD AND JENNIFER NIVEN.

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