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I Can Be Anything

I Can Be Anything

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Shinsuke Yoshitake

Amazing illustrations and a poor downtrodden mum who just want her little one to go to sleep. Of course the little one has some very creative ways to avoid this.

About the book

A pre-bedtime game of charades gets out of hand in the best possible way in this laugh-out-loud picture book from rising international picture book star Shinsuke Yoshitake.

It's time for bed, but Natsumi has a brilliant idea, even better than going to sleep: She'll pretend to be something and her mom will guess what she is! "What am I?" is the springboard for a series of creative interpretations of day-to-day objects, feelings, and  even food! At once a guessing game and a page out of a parent's playbook,  I Can Be Anything  has something for everyone. And even if the "right" answer isn't always obvious, it's always unequivocally fun!

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