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Gigantosaurus ? Giganto Games

Gigantosaurus ? Giganto Games

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Written by: Cyber Group Studios
Format: Paperback / softback

Let the annual Giganto Games begin in this epic sporting adventure based on the Gigantosaurus TV series and characters by Jonny Duddle. Join Bill, Mazu, Tiny and Rocky as they race, climb and compete for glory in Cretacia's greatest sporting event: the Giganto Games! The prize up for grabs is a delicious, glistening golden pineapple - the tastiest you've ever seen. But as Bill becomes more and more determined to win, how far will he go to secure the prize? Will his selfish antics put his friends in danger? And perhaps good friends are the best prize of all .

. . Join the four dinos in the latest episode of Gigantosaurus and read the story to find out! Discover more of this international, bestselling series in The Story of Gigantosaurus, The Dino-Sitters Club, The Mysterious Maze, Searching for Spinosaurus, and dino fact-packed Dinopedia.

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