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Flossie McFluff : An Irish Fairy

Flossie McFluff : An Irish Fairy

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Written by: Eoin O'Brien
Illustrated by:Audrey Dowling
Format: Paperback / softback

In a deep leafy wood, by a slow-moving stream,Where butterflies flutter through golden sunbeams,Lives a beautiful fairy called Flossie McFluff. She's tiny and shiny, but Flossie is tough. She has magical powers; she knows magic words;And she cares for the trees and the bees and the birds.

Wee Flossie lives high in an ancient oak tree,And lives for adventure, as we shall soon see ... Three stories in rhyme about a little fairy who looks after the forest. In the first tale, she gives some litter louts a scare, then she helps a lonely banshee find some friends, and finally helps her leprechaun friend Paddy Potts find his missing gold.

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