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Every Bunny Dance Now! (BB)

Every Bunny Dance Now! (BB)

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Written by: Joan Holub
Illustrated by:Allison Black
Format: Board book

Join the bunny dance party, in this board book with touch-and-feel elements on every page! Give your fuzzy tail a wiggle! Twitch your bunny nose and giggle! It's a party! Let's start jumping! Join this bunny dance party -- all animals are invited! From fluffy bunnies to quacking ducks, oinking pigs and moooovin' cows, there's party fun for everyone! Contains eye-catching, tactile and hands-on touch-and-feel elements on every page. Contains different animals on every page for children to recognise. The perfect Easter or springtime gift for little children aged 0-3.

This is the perfect novelty book to read out loud to little ones ... and dance to!

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