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Edie and the Flits in Paris (Edie and the Flits 2)

Edie and the Flits in Paris (Edie and the Flits 2)

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Written by: Kate Wilkinson
Illustrated by:Joe Berger
Format: Paperback / softback

Edie and the flits are off to Paris for a new adventure!A magical story about friendship, family and the importance of noticing the little things in life. Praise for EDIE AND THE BOX OF FLITS:'Charming' Sunday TimesEdie and Naz were so looking forward to their exciting trip to Paris - until Naz's annoying little sister Sami tagged along, that is. And as if that wasn't enough, Sami smuggled some precious flits with her! Keeping their tiny thumb-sized friends safe in London was hard enough, but in Paris? C'est terrible!Then they encounter Monsieur Rottier, a collector creating theatrical scenes featuring miniature people in glass domes.

Miniature people who look incredibly lifelike . . .

Can Edie and her friends help the French flits before it's too late? A must-read for fans of HARKLIGHTS and THE BORROWERS.

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