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Down the Sleepy River : A Mindful Bedtime Book

Down the Sleepy River : A Mindful Bedtime Book

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Written by: Emma Drage, Dani Binnington
Illustrated by:Carmen Saldana
Format: Paperback / softback

A calming picture book to help little ones settle at bedtime with the aid of simple mindfulness techniques. Let go of the day as you float along the sleepy river with the stars shining overhead, saying goodnight to the animals who are mindfully getting ready for bed. This peaceful bedtime read takes the form of a relaxing journey, beginning up a mountain as the sun starts to set, travelling down a river, passing sleepy animals and gently floating into the moonlit ocean.

The soothing text brings the reader's attention back to their breath and their body, helping little ones to be in the present moment and settle down for a good night's sleep. Includes introductory notes for caregivers by Dani Binnington, a wellbeing expert and yoga teacher.

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