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Dinosaurs on Kitten Island

Dinosaurs on Kitten Island

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Written by: Michael Slack
Format: Paperback / softback

A daring dinosaur adventure and tale of purr-severance - with timid dinosaurs and fearless kittens! Sure to elicit giggles with every "RAWR!" of distress! - Kirkus Reviews Life on Dinosaur Island is BORING. So the dinosaurs are escaping to Kitten Island to play with their new kitty friends. But these kittens love to tumble and crash and launch things into the air - things like - uh-oh .

. . DINOSAURS! Can these unlikely playmates find common ground before their playdate ends in cat-astrophe? The cheeky follow-up to Kittens on Dinosaurs, celebrating friendship, creativity and compromise.

A deliciously funny story with a mischievous twist - perfect for fans of Jon Klassen and Peter Brown.

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