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Christmas club

Christmas club

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This amazing subscription enables you to spread payments across the year for our  incredible Christmas subscription. Pay £8 a month and whatever you have in the kitty will be turned into a wonderful bundle of books to enjoy over the festive period. If your kitty is a little bit short, don't worry your funds will be topped up by us so you get as many books as possible.

Once your December payment has been received we aim to post the books by the 10th December. 

There is a form to complete (below), if you could choose what age you would like the books to cater for, there is also space to list gender preferences if you so choose.

Our book researchers are always looking for newly published or soon to be published books for our parcels so you shouldn't find a book you already have. Though we cannot make any guarantees but we will try our very best. Not all the books will be Christmas themed though you can state a preference if you would prefer all the books to be fantastically festive. 

 A special Request

Please use the subscription pay pal button above, this is set up to allow recurring billing for the period of the subscription. Do not use the buy button above. Not to worry if you do though, it is easily fixable.

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