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Brunt Boggart : A Tapestry of Tales

Brunt Boggart : A Tapestry of Tales

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Written by: David Greygoose
Format: Paperback / softback

This is a book like no other: a magical tapestry of folk tales, woven together to build a world that is as strange yet familiar as a half-remembered dream. It is an old world, a world of enchanted corn dollies and wild dances in poppy fields, a world of tricksters, lovers and fools. Through this world, Greychild must journey in search of his mother: from the village of Brunt Boggart, down the treacherous Pedlar Man's track, all the way to distant Arleccra, a city of treasures and temptation.

If you follow him, a part of you will never come back.

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