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12 month Book subscription

12 month Book subscription

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Order this amazing package and receive 12 surprising parcels in the post. 1 book each month. Cost includes postage. The cost is £10 per month or you can use checkout above to pay in one lump sum and save £10.

The options include choosing what age you would like the books to cater for. 

Our book researchers are always looking for newly published or soon to be published books for our parcels so you shouldn't find a book you already have. Though we cannot make any guarantees but we will try our very best.

You will be billed monthly and there is also the option to share birthday months so we can send something extra special.


August 2020 offer

Book a 12 month subscription and get a signed copy of Lark when you sign up. Please note you don't have to do anything, we will send to your billing address automatically. Offer ends September 1st 2020.


A special Request

Please use the subscription pay pal button above, the cost is £10 per month, this is set up to allow recurring billing for the period of the subscription. Use buy button above if you would like to pay in one go. 

There is a form below, please complete with any details of the age of the children and any other relevant details.