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AB Gets His Wings

AB Gets His Wings

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Richard Bland and Rosie Philpott


This is a very precious book with a sad story and the author has dedicated the book to his late son. We think that was a very precious and brave thing to do. I think you will find that little AB the bear is also a very precious and brave bear who finds his way out of the toy warehouse and goes on an amazing flying adventure.

If you want to know more about the book's please go to Kids Story World

About the Book 

This story follows the journey of a lonely bear in a toy warehouse. When everyone goes home, this bear and his toy friends get up to play and lark around. All the toys are waiting to be picked from the shelf and when his turn comes, little bear is afraid about where his new life will lead. Join this charming little bear on his amazing adventure as W.C.A.B.


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