Win Lose Kill Die review

Win Lose Kill Die review

win lose kill die review


Written by Hannah Kuka 2023






Like Cynthia Murphy’s other books Win Lose Kill Die did not disappoint. She knows exactly  how to captivate a reader with her murder mysteries that are full to the brim with shock, puzzle and drama. This particular book about an elite boarding school for intelligent sixth formers leaves students itching to be head girl or head boy to receive a wealthy sponsor for university funds. However, along the way several students start to drop like flies leaving protagonists Liz, Taylor, Kat, Cole and Marcus confused and determined to find who or what could be behind these horrific crimes. But can you really trust everyone? 

Cynthia Murphy here has done an excellent job at conflicting the reader into who it can be, like most good murder mystery books should, and making the reader question and rethink every suspect they have. It makes the read more authentic and genuine. She has also done a great job in showcasing each character to help us decide how could be guilty as well as subtly tricking us with her huge plot twist at the end. In addition I enjoyed the setting of where the book took place. It’s calm studious setting contrasts with the ghastly offences committed and leaves the reader unsettled in the way a book like this should. The second point of view from the murderer lingering in between leaves an eerie atmosphere after each kill also improved the book as it left me feeling suspenseful and unnerved, the best feeling when reading a thriller

Overall, I would give this book an overall 4.5/5 stars as its story line is cunning smart and well written. I would also recommend this book to my friends and people who enjoy mysteries and crime reads. Thank you Cynthia Murphy!

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