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Vi Spy review

This is the first of a series of reviews of the books I am reading and I confess I am doing this as much for my benefit as for my readers. As a bookseller I need to remind myself occasionally about the books I have read so I can share when readers ask for recommendations.

Vi Spy

Vi Spy is all about a girl and her interesting family, her Mum Easter Day (prefers to be called Susan) is a former spy and was a very good one too. Then there is Nan - Independence Day, Indy for short and the family wouldn't be complete without Mr Sprout, Easter's fiancé and his very geeky son Russell. We find the Day/ Sprout family living in a very normal and uneventful town when some shocking villainy upsets the balance, things continue to descend into silliness and chaos. The hero Vi receives assistance from the most unlikely of places.

One of my favourite characters was a former villain called Siren whose bodily hygiene was quite questionable and took every opportunity to let everyone know - in great detail. Expect some rather silly bond type action and heroic OAPs.

The amazing thing is that this book does all the spy stuff while introducing the subject of bullying and blended families.

This review really isn't doing the book justice, expect to giggle often and be thoroughly entertained.

This is the first book in the series and I cannot wait for the next.

If you would like a copy please check out this link to the book page - buy a copy of Vi Spy I have a limited number of bookmarks and bookplates.


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