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Uncle Pete's Adventures review

David C. Flanagan’s Uncle Pete Series 

 We are very excited to introduce a fun book and review, the books were gifted for review purposes.

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Uncle Pete and the Boy Who Couldn't Sleep

Uncle Pete and the Forest of Lost Things


Uncle Pete and the Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep and Uncle Pete and the Forest of Lost Things both follow Uncle Pete, an eccentric adventurer, and his little mouse friend TM as they explore strange worlds to help others and save the day.   

In the first book, Pete sets off on a mission to help his nephew, Harry, who can’t sleep. Along with TM, he attempts to fly to a strange, far away land to get some help from others. There’s only one problem – the plane has no fuel! What does Pete do? He uses some stardust of course!   

Uncle Pete gets some help from Inky, a black cat who creates a magical knitted blanket for Harry, and it makes him fall asleep instantly! Along the way, Pete and TM make friends with many funny animals who can speak, including cats, whales and dolphins. This dreamy tale tells a beautiful story of family, and finding where you belong in some unusual places, while being read alongside some cute, Quentin Blake-like illustrations by Will Hughes.  

Following on from the first book, Pete and TM are eager for more adventure, which was very exciting! The pair quickly get ready to go to The Forest of Lost Things, trying to find their plane from the last book.   

The Forest of Lost Things gives a funny excuse to where all your lost teddy bears and trampolines go, but the lovely polar bear Berg was looking for his gran’s lost memories, which gives a more sad and sentimental side to the story. The group of three attempt to find their way out, so they do not become lost things too, which gripped my interest. They find Inky flying the plane, and Pete hatches a quirky plan to get out, but will it work?  

These stories have beautifully heartwarming messages of friendship and finding a sense of belonging in atypical scenarios, as well as making do with the situation you find yourself in. These adventures are a promising start to what will be an exciting series for David C. Flanagan.

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