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The Story of Babuska review and giveaway

Today is an exciting day, the wonderful Story of Babushka is not only going to be reviewed here but also sent to one lucky reader.

If you are a fan of a good old fashioned tale with a moral, together with amazing illustrations then this would be a good choice. 

The Story of Babushka (official description)

A beautifully illustrated book, with a magnificent story that children, tweens and adults alike will love.

Babushka wants to find out the meaning of life so she sends her bodies out of the forest and into the world to search for answers. 

My review

This is such a sweet tale with a message, Babushka is a matryoshka doll and each part of Babushka is a different doll that has different features.

Antonia is the most beautiful doll and represents Babushka's beauty

Loretta is richly adorned with gold and represents Babushka's wealth

Paula is very talented, joyful and determined

Viola is wise and represents Babushka's wisdom

Mary is the embodiment of love and represents Babushka's heart and inner voice.

Al these dolls have a little story of their own that is told in sections of the book, along with lots of pictures to look at and talk about.

In each story the dolls have a journey and we find out what happens to them. Each dolls journey is very different and they go for different reasons too. It isn't long though, before Babushka realises things might not be going well. Her search takes her to many different places some beautiful some not so nice.

Throughout the story we meet many wonderful characters and some that are not that wonderful. It is set in a beautifully illustrated forest. I liked learning all about the other dolls stories. Even though they have gone away, Babushka does not forget them.  Will things turn out ok in the end?

You will have to read the book to find out.

This would make a wonderful addition to the bookshelf and a lovely gift too. The book has been printed to a very high standard, it is a hardback and the pages are a very high quality. 

Did you know that Babushka is grandmother in Russian?


The good news is that if you would like a copy we have one to giveaway.

Please check out our Facebook page for details on how to enter.

The Winner will be announced (11th August 2020) at 8pm.

We also have copies for sale, click the link for details: The Story of Babushka



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