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Show Us Who You Are review

Elle McNicoll is a firm favourite here at Bear Hunt Books, not only for her amazing storytelling but also for her amazing neurodiverse characters.

I want to take you back to my own teenage years, it's super hard to hide when you are neurodiverse and being proud to be different was something that I eventually realised. Until recently there were few books I could read that included characters that have some of the same thoughts I did and still do. 

After reading about Addie's campaign in A Kind of Spark, I was very excited to read Show Us Who You Are, this time we meet Cora an autistic high school student who lives with her dad and brother. Themes of dealing with maternal bereavement, school bullying, being different and acceptance are thread throughout the story.

In the story, Cora meets Adrien  at a garden party in Knightsbridge. She attends with her brother who works for a company called Pomegranate that makes realistic holograms of people alive or no longer with us. Adrian is the son of Magnus who is one of the senior managers at Pomegranate.

Upon meeting Adrien, Cora expects the same sort of challenge whenever she meets new people and when this doesn't happen and even better she receives both a kind and understanding response she is quite surprised.

Adrian is proud to be different and after a bit of patience the two become friends.

Cora is invited to a series of interviews at Pomegranate and eventually agrees to help on the basis that she will be helping other neurodiverse people. After much excitement she finds that things may not be as they seem.

I won't say too much as I don't want to spoil the story for you, expect to find twists and turns, action and some detective work. Oh, and there is a moment in the book that you will need some tissues.

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