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Mini Monsters Can I play review

It was an exciting day when this lovely little book arrived. The cover is adorable and there are cute little characters.

For me there was additional joy because the title has the word play in it. I am diverting slightly to why this word is such a source of joy at Bear Hunt HQ.

Apart from the obvious reason that play is often a great source of joy for kids, it's what they do more than anything else if they are allowed, it is also a subject I have been studying for years, I am currently studying a masters in play. I am also an event  nanny and observing kids play is something I have spent a lot of time doing. Let me tell you why I love this book so much. 

It speaks authentically about children and a moment that could happen in their day. I thought the author had done her research or she knows kids well. In this case the moments start off with children not quite managing to get along. To a kid this is completely normal, we all have difficulties. The very good news is that these little characters work things out and have a lovely time, not without some clever thinking though.

Play can be so much like this, have you noticed how much they discuss and negotiate with each other. So if you are looking for a book that is an incredible joy and really speaks of the things our little ones do then this is the book for you. Not forgetting the incredible illustrations, wonderful message and a story that little ones will enjoy sharing with you, either at home or preschool. 

Here is a little sentence about the story:

Little Scout wants to play, Arthur says yes but Sparkle says no. What happens throughout this little story is that Arthur keeps trying, bless their heart, I liked that they are really kind throughout even though they are being excluded (very sad times). Will Sparkle change their mind, who knows? You can find out by getting the book

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