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Melt by Ele Fountain review

I loved this book too, it packs so much into the pages, amazing characters, global warming, bullying, survival and friendship. It is a page turner.

The book starts with Bea and her family arriving in a new town a couple of hour flight from the Arctic Circle.

Starting a new school, bullies and feelings of isolation are subjects raised within the pages of MElt.

Bea lives in a town with her parents. Her easy going geologist Dad starts to act weirdly and eventually they make plans to take a flight to the north near the Arctic  Circle. When Bea and her Dad arrives something terrible happens and Bea has to flee, escaping by flying her Dad's four seater plane for the first time.

We also meet Yutu who lives in an ancient community near the Arctic Circle. We find out that Yutu lives with his grandma, Miki after his parents died during a hunting expedition. His friends seem only to be interested in gaming, not Yutu, he is interested in the traditions and makes plans to go hunting one weekend, even though his Grandma forbids this. She is rightly wary of what could happen if Yutu goes and gets into trouble whilst hunting.

Bea and Yutu's paths cross so unexpectedly and this changes the course of their stories and what happens next is a tale of survival and friendship. 

Such an amazing adventure, with environmental theme gently raised.

You can order a copy here: Melt published 29th April 2021


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