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Harklights review

Harklights is the name of a match factory where an evil woman called Old Ma Bogey forces orphans to work as slaves in terrible conditions. 

The main character is called Wick who can barely remember anything about their past and believe that they may have been at Harklights forever.

One day a tiny acorn basket falls into the yard where Wick is sent for punishment. Wick picks up the tiny basket and find an even tinier baby, after going back into the factory, Wick takes care of the baby and at night there are surprise visitors at the window to the dormitory. Wick meets the Hobs, a tiny people that live in the forest and take care of the animals. The Hobs grant Wick a wish and they chose to ask for help escaping. 

We meet other orphans such as Petal and Bottletop and find out magical cretaures and amazing animals.

Unfortunately there is a secret that Papa Herne is keeping and evil creatures roaming the woods.

Can Wick help the Hobs, the forest creatures and the orphans too?

I couldn't put this books down and loved the beautiful messages laced throughout the book.

The book is out 13th May 2021

Get your copy here: Harklights

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