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This week was an eventful week because the Futurebook Awards took place online. Part of the event was a daily pitch of the shortlisted companies and individuals that were pitching for different awards. This included myself.

I was incredibly pleased to have been shortlisted for Retailer of the Year: Lockdown.

This week I had the task of presenting to the conference for 5 minutes and had to talk about how I had pivoted to adapt to the unusual circumstances of the year. It was super nerve wracking, I know I am not a conventional person and I wondered what the audience would make of me! I spoke about how I recognised fairly quickly that I needed to do something differently this year, my work previously had been offering childcare for events, it hasn't been a good year for events and I need to do something drastically different. My last conference and wedding creche booking was in March and on April Fools day I had opened Bear Hunt Books and very glad I am that I did.

So, back to the award, today (Friday 20th November 2020) I tuned in to see who the winners were, I knew it wasn't me as I hadn't received any contact but that was absolutely fine. What I did get was recognition and was highly commended, I really wasn't expecting that and feel incredibly proud. Congratulations to Mr B's Emporium a very well known independent bookshop in Bath who was the winner of the award.




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