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Updated version: Diversity books - Children of Colour Twitter thread

Children of colour thread part 2, this was a question tweeted in response to recent horrifying events. Click on the feed to read the recommendations.


This week I posted on Twitter asking for people to share books and publishers that champion children of colour. It was after a parent had posted for a book for their 9 year old scientist princess.

What followed was something amazing, to this date there have been 112 replies, with so many amazing books and publishers.

I will be using this list as a resource for a long time to come as we know our world is diverse and should be celebrated.

Please note that I have kept this list very basic, if you would like more information on any of the titles, availability for example, please message us on our contact page or Tweet us.

Diverse books list

The Usual Suspects, Maurice Broaddus

Jairus’s Girl, L.R Hay

Buster Finds his Beat, Pamela Aculey

Rosie Jane and the Swodgerump, Susan Crow

High Rise Mystery and Mic Drop, Sharna Jackson

Busy Day – Astronaut, an action play book, Penguin

Wise before five, amazing things to know before you start school, Ekaterina Trukhan

The Big Book of the UK, Imogen Russell Williams

How to find Egyptian travel, Lets Go series, Caryl Hart

The Invincibles, The Beast of Bramble Woods, Together We Can, Caryl Hart

When a Dragon Comes to Stay, Knock, Knock Pirate, How to ride a Polar Bear, Caryl Hart

Indus Investigators, Mohenjodaro Mystery, Ilona Aronovsky

My Favourite People, Rob Keeley

The Spirit of London, Rob Keeley

Lets go say hello, Marcella Golan

Take to the skies, Secret FC, Football Academy – The Reading Game, Offside 3, Tom Palmer

Ella Upgraded, Dan Whitehead

All The Things We Never Said, Yasmin Rahman

The Girl Who Stole an Elephant, Nizranan Farook

Attack of the Heebie Jeebies, Tom Percival

Hiccups and Karate Kids, Holly Sterling

If I had a Dinosaur, Gabby Dawnay

Jabari Jumps, Gaia Cornwall

Izzy Gizmo, Pip Jones

Lenny Has Lunch, Ken Wilson-Max

Anisha Accidental Detective, Serena Patel

Betsy Bigelow series, Malorie Blackman

Tiger Troubles and School Stories, plus a lot more, Chitra Soundar

Dosh, Never Show a T-Rex a Book,Rashmi Sirdeshpandi

Boy Everywhere, A.M Dassu

Death By Soup, David MacPhail

Goodnight Pirate, 1.2.3 Do the Dinosaur,Happy Birthday to you, Michelle Robinson

Indigo Donut, Patrice Lawrence

The Worst Class in the world, Joanna Nadin

Iguana Boy, Rikin Parekh

Ghost, Jason Reynolds

Race to the Frozen North, Freedon and Make More Noise, Catherine Johnson

Bone Talk, Candy Gourlay

Secrets of the Henna Girl, Under the Great Plum Tree, Sufiya Ahmed

The Girl in The Broken Mirror, Savita Khan

The Tunnels Below, Nadine Wild

Tomorrow, Nadine Kaadan

And the Stars were Burning Brightly, Daniel Jawando

Clean Up, Nathan Bryon

Finding Om, Rashmi Bismark

Ballet Bunnies series, Torn Apart, The Partition of India, Swapna Reddy

Cane Warriors, Home Girl, Kerb Stain Boys, Alex Wheatle

Different Differenter, Jyoti Gupta

Curious Pearl Science Girl series,Eric Braun

Kikuyu Boy, Hilda Van Stockum

Son of the Circus, A Victorian Story, E.L Norry

My Hair, Hannah Lee

Planet Omar, Zanib Mian

Mary Had a Little Glam, Tammi Sauer

Secrets of the Great Fire Tree, Justine Laismith

Julian is a Mrmaid, Jessica Love

Mommy Am I Brown, Deandra Abuto

Luna and the Moon Rabbit, Camille Whitcher

Juno Valentine, Eva Chen

Pet, Akwaeke Emezi

Maths on the GO, Rob Eastway & Mike Askew

The Infinite, Patience Agbabi

Luna Loves Library Day, If All the World Were, Joseph Coelho

Llama Out Loud, Agent Zaiba Investigates, Annabelle Sami

The Tigers in The Tower, Julia Golding

The Backwater, Judith Crowley

Amazing Muslims Who Changed The World, Burhana Islam

Publishers who publish books that reflect the diversity of the world.

Knights Of


B Small Books

Mantra Lingua UK

Lee & Low

Otter Barry Books

Barrington Stoke

Ladybird Books


Tiny Owl Books

Alanna Max

Guppy Books

Barefoot Books

Puffin Books

Inspired Quill

Fair Spark Books

Mango and Marigold Press

Scholastic UK

Oxford University Press


We Need Diverse Books

Child’s play books

One of the Replies was from Cindy Colson who has built an amazing Diversity and Books Pinterest Board Worth Checking out.Out 


Thanks so much for reading, please ask us if you need more information about the books listed. 

Happy reading book fans.

Keep safe,


Big Bear and Little Fox.

















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  • Hi Michelle, I hope all is well with you. I love your idea of a children’s bookshop.
    1) I want to but a book for the 2nd birthday of my Niece’s mixed race daughter. Can you recommend one? A smallish book would be better for posting to her. Also
    2) I’d love to get hold of 2 copies of an out of print book – not sure if you can help? It’s called Grandma Baa by Roger Hargreaves.
    Stay safe. Margaret x

    Margaret Campbell

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