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Children of the Quicksands review

Children of the Quicksands by Efua Treore was gifted to me as an advance reading copy, I was very glad to receive the book.

The story is about Simi and her Mother and Grandmother. Simi lives with her Mum in Lagos, her Dad lives in the city too with his girlfriend.

At the start we learn that Simi's Mum has to go overseas for work and is to send Simi to her Grandmother's house in Ajao. You might think nothing unusual there but Simi has never met her Grandmother and her Mum has never even mentioned her family, so there is a big cloud of mystery hanging over the visit.

Simi arrives in Ajao and very quickly something happens, something a bit scary and unexpected, it had me on the edge of my seat and the clue is in the book title.

Following on, we get to know the characters in the story Mother Ayoola and Bubu and many more. The remote village is described so beautifully I wanted to go.

As the story goes on, a mystery begins to unfold and we find out that things did happen in the past that caused Simi's Mum to leave the village heartbroken.

Simi's Grandmother - Iyanla is a Priestess and healer and at a meeting with the chief, Simi meets Jay his son. Jay proves to be a very good friend and takes Simi on a tour of the lovely hills near Ajao, they also attend an evening mini festival with drumming and dancing. 

Jumping ahead, the story climaxes with some crazy weather, some evil doings being uncovered and much more.

I loved the ending, such an amazing reveal of all that was happening. I hope to read many more books from Efua Treore

You can pre-order the book which is out 3rd June 2021 here Children of the Quicksands 


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