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Can you help?

As we slowly come out of lockdown and things return to relative normality I find I need to make a recruitment appeal. To shout in desperation, I need help!

You may have read about my bookshop journey in the  first blog I wrote as Bear Hunt Books, click on the link to read -  A New Beginning. This online children's bookshop is not my first business, I was happily running round providing childcare facilities at conferences and weddings until the pandemic.

So I opened an online bookshop and used the 13 years of business experience I had gained together with my love of books.

Until now I have not really had any event work but this is about to change and I really do need help with the bookshop too. With this in mind I am launching a campaign to find people that might like to work with me both in the bookshop and at events.

I current have bookings for events in North Wales, Liverpool and beyond and an enquiry for childcare for a 3 week summer school. 

I cover the entire UK and have been to Glasgow, London, Manchester and Birmingham and many more places. 

The work is varied and the pay is based on your experience and qualifications.

Teachers, play staff, entertainers and children's book fans would be amazing.

The local bookshop based work is here on the Wirral, Bebington to be exact.

The Work

The Event side is all about supporting children while their parents and carers attend a wedding or conference. I adopt a playwork perspective while caring for children, hence why supporting is so important. We set up the space for how ever long the booking period is. There is a wide range of toys and play equipment and activities to help the children whilst they are in our care. Transport and accommodation is provided if necessary.

The bookshop work is all about making sure orders are processed and packaged, books listed on the website too. Ordering and reading new books. This role will be changing soon details to follow. 

I pay well above the minimum wage and bonuses are given too if I have the funds. A benefit of working for the bookshop is that you would get proofs and advance copies to read.

Please share this post and if you can help please get in touch for more information, Michelle Peters 07724 600211. Or email. 

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