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Bonjour from Haylea at Bear Hunt Books France



Hello lovely Book Fans, 

We are delighted to introduce Haylea Rudge, Founder of Bear Hunt Books France.


Haylea's journey with Books

I can't remember a time when I wasn't absolutely fascinated with books. 

The first books I truly fell in love with were Enid Blyton's Faraway tree stories which offered an incredible escape from various family difficulties I had encountered. 

The next set of books that shook me to my core were the unforgettable Harry Potter books. I remember waiting until midnight to get the final book on 21 July 2007 at Birkenhead Waterstones.

Afterwards I spent months meticulously reading each page of the book. It transformed my summer holiday that year! For so long I had repressed popular culture but I finally found something that allowed me to express myself while not compromising my quirky personality (and that cost very little!).

What brought me to Marseille?

After Brexit was voted for, if I wanted to live abroad and explore other cultures I had to get my act together.

Due to my youth work background I thought i'd do a search on international youth work jobs in Europe.

Lo and behold, I found a 3 month youth work internship in Marseille, France beginning January 2019. Marseille is incredibly different from the cities I'd experienced in the UK and this intrigued and excited me, it has a vibrant culture yet it is next door to one of the most beautiful national parks Les Callanques. 

After I completed the internship I was offered a role with a company in Marseille and I jumped at the chance to stay here! 

Why Children's books? 

After being made redundant in July of this year (due to covid), I made the decision to start nannying and teaching children english. This was a real joy for me as my biggest passion for over 10 years has been working with children and young people.

As a result, I noticed that a lot of the children I was teaching didn't have any english literature appropriate for their level.

For me when teaching languages to children, books are a perfect gateway as they engage children and it is easy to get a child relaxed about a language. But recommendations have to come from a trusted source as if you don't have the nuanced language knowledge yourself it is very easy to pick a book that does not have the correct grammar. 

So this lead me to bring Bear Hunt Books to France!  

I wanted to make it easy as possible for those trying to teach their pupils or children english, to know the best books today that support living authors and create a buzz around learning a language. Another benefit is that I get to read some wonderful books. I am not alone, there are many adults, from teachers and librarians that love children's books too.

What does Bear Hunt Books France offer? 

Books for a wide range of ages and language levels.

Inclusive and diverse stories

Personalised book recommendations

Ongoing communications regarding your order through your preferred method of communication

Signed books 

Optional Gift wrap free of charge 

Sustainable operations

If the website doesn't detail a book (for example an adult book) we will probably still be able to get it for you so reach out and ask us :). 

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