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Bigfoot Mountain review

It's been an amazing weekend so far I have read Bigfoot Mountain and then Melt, both incredible stories.

Bigfoot Mountain takes place in a coastal location somewhere in the states.

We meet Minnie and her stepdad Dan, they live in a cabin built by Minnie's late mum and have 5 other cabins. Their neighbours are Connie and Billy and their dog Musto. One day whilst climbing the mountain Millie and Billy discover footprints that are huge, the world goes silent and they get the feeling that they are being watched. They leave but remain super curious that a Bigfoot (sasquatch) lives on the mountain.

After more investigating and mysterious happenings they start to build a picture that there are not one but many more sasquatches living up in the wood. They are there after moving away from another part of the wood when fire broke out. 

We find out that Minnie has a second sense when it comes to the Sasquatch family.

The book is told from 2 perspectives, we also meet Kaayii a young Sasquatch youth, 12 years old and their family.

My review is not doing the book justice, I loved reading this book, it is an emotional tale,  with a few surprising twists.

You can pre-order a copy here: Bigfoot Mountain is out 29th April 2021

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