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Bear Hunt Books: A New Beginning

Welcome book fans, to the first ever Bear Hunt Books blog!

I am so excited to be writing the first of a monthly blog sharing news in the children's book community. Writing about amazing writers, illustrators, publishers and anyone who loves kids books.

Firstly though, an introduction...

This crazy book woman began her reading life in a teenage bedroom, after finding herself in the school library at Tanbridge House. It was 1986 and I was a rather silly creature (not much has changed, to be honest!). I picked up a book about a group of motherless kids escaping on a road trip. The Centre Line found its way home to my bedroom. I remember this moment so well, as up until then the most I had ever read were books while learning to read and some well loved tales we had at home. We weren't a reading at bedtime family.

The reason this was such an important moment was because books offered me an escape that was so desperately needed. I am neurodiverse and was struggling in so many ways, having some happiness was a many splendoured thing.

It was many years later that I heard some sad news, Iona Opie, an amazing writer that was well loved in the playwork community with her husband Peter, had passed away. Then came the news came that the Opie's book collection had been bought by the Bodleian library, this was my light bulb moment, I would become a children's book collector. This was in 2017.

Why children's books?

Before being a crazy book woman I was a silly one, this is because another joy of my life is working with kids. Since the age of 14 I have been looking after and supporting kids whilst they play. I also have 3 kids, the youngest of which is still at home. 

Lockdown begins

My other business is an event childcare business called Bluey and Baloo that was doing very well over the last 13 years and had built up to be quite successful. Sadly things were about to change at the start of the year, I had no idea that my business would come to a halt. After much thought on the matter of what to do, I realised that my book collecting hobby might be a good place to look to. On April Fools' Day I opened an online children's bookshop.

We are now on day 21 and the following list of things have happened to get things of the ground:

  • Opened a Facebook shop
  • Contacted Bounce marketing 
  • Opened several trade accounts
  • Registered with companies house
  • Created this Shopify website
  • Ordered books
  • Created a Twitter and Instagram account

The rest of Bear hunt Books are my partner Siân, technical expertise and Little Fox, our 9 year old creative expert and book chooser.

A quick mention

This last part is about the books. What sort of books does a shop run by a children's book collector offer?

  • Books that may not be the most well known
  • From small independent publishers
  • Self published authors
  • Books with inclusive stories and characters
  • New books - I love first editions and prints
  • Graphic novels, paperbacks, hardbacks and picture books.
  • Collectable books, first editions and first prints in very good condition.
  • Amazing writers and illustrators

What we don't stock, we can get. it might take a bit longer until quarantine is over but we will try our best.

Thanks so much for reading. Stay safe, book fans! Please comment, say hello or share, this would mean the world to us.

Many happy cheers,




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