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Are you an English Language Teacher?



Hi i'm Haylea, founder of Bear Hunt Books France and based in Marseille.

This week marked the beginning of a new chapter. I started training to become an English language teacher with Cambridge Assessment English through Celta.

Celta (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) is an internationally recognised course in training English language teachers. 

Three out of four english teaching jobs worldwide prefer teachers with a Celta qualification.

A key element of teaching and allowing students to feel comfortable learning together is to 'break the ice' with icebreaker games whether teaching online or in person. 

Below we've mentioned some simple but affective ice breaker games. 

Item representation

Tell your students to pick 3 items from around their house that represent their hobbies.  

Inspired, I had to ask the LinkedIn community if they had any favourite icebreaker games when teaching. 

Stuart Haynes from English on Mars in Marseille, referenced Scott Thornley's blog which has lots of fantastic ideas.  

•          Five-pointed star: Learners each draw a five pointed star. On the first point they write a person’s name that is important to them; on the second a place name; on the third a number; on the fourth a date; and on the fifth a sign, symbol or logo.  They then get into pairs or small groups, show each other their stars, and ask and answer questions about them.

Here at Bear Hunt Books we recognise the importance of providing good quality english language material to students and teachers.

We can ship books by topics worldwide and provide excellent advice for your school or training establishment. 

Below are some recommended reading for those teaching english: 

Grammar for English Language Teachers by Martin Parrott 


Learning Teaching by Jim Scrivener 

 Grammar for English Language Teachers, Martin Parrott

What are your favourite icebreaker activities and books to inform your teaching practice?

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