A surprising week

A surprising week

So many wonderful things happened this week that I felt the need to write a blog.

The spur for this was a bookish  arrival in the post today. Massive thanks to CraigGina Kominski Saves a Wolf Barr-Green and Little Tiger for the lovely arrival of Gina Kominski Saves the Wolf. The hardback picture book is wonderful tale of a lovely little autistic girl who reads Little Red Riding Hood at school and felt things could have be done differently. I loved the book, Gina has a great sense of justice something autistic people are often in trouble for.

At the time this book arrived I was listening to The Last Ranger on Libro.fm. This book features a ranger ( no surprises there) who is charged with policing the Yellowstone National Park, very happily this story features a wolf biologist called Hilly too. I was tickled by two books veryThe Last Ranger tenuously linked by a wolves walking into my life within days of each other.

The next lovely thing is that happened is that in my search for an alternative audio book platform I discovered Libro.fm and in addition found it had just launched it's service to include booksellers in the UK.  

 Libro.fm is what we know as a cooperative on the UK, in the states they have social purpose corporations, the employees own the company, what a joy that is. Ticks so many boxes for me. No big rivers anywhere near them. 

After signing up, then asking Twitter audio book recommendations, I then created my own playlists (see links below).

I then went exploring, I found to my joy that Libro.fm had listening copies of audiobooks not out yet, I chose the last Ranger which I am enjoying listening to currently, great story about Ren and the community of people and animals.

The net lovely thing that happened is that the crowdfunder came to an end, you may have seen me post about it, what you may not have seen si that apart form the pledges which were wonderful, we also had so many people call into the shop with a view of supporting, many made purchases, some offered their time (Dr Jo and the Calm Before School Workshop). Others donated things to sell and so many sad lovely things and shared. This meant so much to me and the money we raised will be such a big help in our rent.

Finally, the last happy thing relates to my book collection, I have lots of first print, first edition and sometimes signed books, this week I applied for an account with Biblio and hope to be approved to sell the books using that platform. It will mean another income stream that will help us secure our place in the wonderful community of book fans.

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